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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 03:25:11 on October23,2009

    Entry number 296209

    keyword=more ADC18 tests

    Try Integ=1250 with ovs=9.  Run 13541
    On the scope, the monitor-output of the ADC18 in ROC23 looks
    peculiar.  It ramps up, but there are some jumps as if there
    is deadtime.  
    Trying ovs=7,  Integ=1600.  Run 13542.
    Return to ovs=0, Integ=13200.  Run 13543.
    Even with this config, roc23, slot0, chan0 has base=peak=0.
    Reboot the crates (not that I expect it to help)
    Run 13545.  ovs=0 again.  (13544 is junk)
    Still has base=peak=0 in roc23.  Very odd.
    This didn't happen for an earlier run with new software.
    03:00 Roll back to the software we've been using for months.
    (happex3_ts_ok5.crl and hapAdc18Lib_ok2.c)
    Run 13546 with default config.
    Now roc23 slot0 chan0 becomes normal again !
    Return to new ADC18 code with ovs=0.  Run 13547.
    roc23 slot0 chan0 looks normal.  Seems like something about the 
    old code "shook it up" so that base and peak become nonzero.
    Go to ovs=0, Integ=1300.  Still new ADC18.  Run 13548.  
    roc23 slot0 chan0 looks ok (?!) with ped about 1/10th.
    Spot checked a few other roc/slot/chan.  Seems ok.
    Something is not reproducible here.  There was a period
    of time when roc23,slot0,chan0 was "stuck" with base=peak=0
    but it is ok at the moment.
    I did not get any Lumi data with target because Moller 
    tests are still underway.  Projected to end at 4 am.
    03:15 Roll back to old software again. 
    Run 13549 junk, had to reboot ROC31.
    Run 13550 back to normal config.  Data looks ok.  Will leave it now.
    =========== TEST FINISHED ============