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    User name W. Deconinck

    Log entry time 08:33:16 on October 23, 2009

    Entry number 296271

    keyword=Run plan for the day shift

    At the moment we are preparing for the target cool down. This will
    extend into the swing shift. Hopefully we get some FFB tests in during
    the cool down...

    - 8am: currently MCC is sending 5 uA beam to investigate the problem with
    the FFB
    - 8:45am: access to start the cool down
    - 11am: close up the hall again after target back to cold return, back to
    FFB tests with the expert on-site in the MCC room
    - ~3pm: access to finish the cool down
    - 4pm: finishing FFB tests while condensing (?)
    - 5pm: back to production data (?)