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    User name D. Armstrong

    Log entry time 08:53:27 on October 23, 2009

    Entry number 296272

    keyword=Status update: FBB work and target cooldown plans

    MCC needs to have beam in the hall (5 µA) in order to work on the Fast Feedback system. They have experts there now to do this. We would not be able to run beam in the Hall reasonably without this (it is the position lock that is not working). Unfortunately, Dave Meekins cannot start the target cooldown procedure until this work is done. Dave, Wouter and the shift crew discuss this, and we decide to have MCC work on the FFB system while they have the experts there, and then we will start the target cooldown. The cooldown is likely to be a 6-8 hour procedure. Thus, seems no chance of data this shift.