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    User name X.Deng/D.Wang

    Log entry time 07:59:17 on October 24, 2009

    Entry number 296419

    keyword=PVDIS BCM test runs

    Goal: to see if different paths of bcms (u1,u3,d1,d3) have an side effect on bad correlations of pvdis bcms. How: exchange bcm u3, d1, d3 with bcm u1 before signals going to V2F in middle room counting house. Beam current @100uA Detail: run 13574 keep everything unchanged as usual run 13575 exchange signal bcm d1 with bcm u1 run 13578 exchange signal bcm u3 with bcm u1 run 13579 exchange signal bcm d3 with bcm u1 Results: 1) From run 13574, found pvdis bcm u3 in both arms are perfectly correlated with happex bcm 1. Right arm pvdis bcm u3 used to have bad correlation with happex bcm 1. This improvement may be due to the access work done Oct 21st. Refer to halog number 296045. 2) The bad correlation of pvdis bcm d1 in both arms are due to bad path. So is bcm d3 in right arm. Will update more information in PVDIS log soon.

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