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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:07:15 on October29,2009

    Entry number 296912

    keyword=roll-out of new ADC18 code

    At last I roll out the new version of the 18-bit ADC
    software which is supposed to solve the problem of oversampling
    and should have only one "bad" ADC18 in the start of the run
    (unless there is system-wide deadtime, then there may be others).
    The backup versions are happex3_ts_ok5.crl and hapAdcLib_ok2.c.
    The boot scripts still setup the ADC18, but that's ignored
    actually because the ADC18 is reset in download.  (We should
    leave this, however, in case we need to roll back.) I modified
    the CRL so that there is a 4 sec pause after reset to let the
    device settle.  Then I program in download (but not in prestart).
    This includes gain settings, pedestals, DAC pattern, etc.  
    The timing board is still setup in Prestart as before.
    Took a few runs, so far looks ok.  I will monitor it for the
    next few days.