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    Log entry time 19:41:08 on October 29, 2009

    Entry number 296919


    keyword=R. Subedi et al.

    Both detector stacks are out. S2 in RHRS and S2m in left LHRS are always
    there (during Happex-III expt too).


    In the morning, right HRS S1 paddles were put on the stack (thanks Bogdan
    and Dustin for helping out). All S1 PMTs were tested for light leaks by
    measuring dark current at 1.5 kV. The dark current is well below 1 uA for
    all 12 PMTs, most of them being in nA region. This means the bars are
    light leak-proof. Afterwards, S1 was cabled up. Once the lead-glass and
    gas-cherenkov go on the stack tomorrow, we plan to finish cabling all of
    them and make ready for cosmic check out in evening.


    Lead-glass and gas-cherenkov are already on the stack and cabled up. Only
    missing detector there is S1 plane. We plan to install S1 plane tomorrow
    (with Bogdan's supervision). Once we finish light leak test and cabling,
    we should be ready for cosmic checkout before lunch-time; detector stack
    will be pushed back anytime after the S1 is installed.

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