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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:07:06 on October30,2009

    Entry number 296940


    keyword=new ADC18 code issues

    Two issues with the new ADC18 code
    1) Sometimes (but it's not reproducible) the ADCs gets stuck
    in a mode where base = peak = 0 forever.  I may have fixed
    this, however, by deleted adc18_softreset in partrig.
    2) New kind of glitch: During one run the pedestal shifted
    massively and the ADCs became noisier (fig 1).  This affected
    all the channels of both ADCs in ROC23, but none in ROC26
    for this run.  Still scratching my head on this one.  It did
    not happen with the old code.  
    To remind you, the new code has the repaired logic which (allegedly)
    is better and fixes oversampling.  I won't give up on it until
    Monday, but we can roll back if necessary.

    FIGURE 1