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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:12:50 on October31,2009

    Entry number 297030

    keyword=apar backups and cleanup

    First I made tar backups of ~apar.  Of course CC does backups too
    (nightly incremental and weekly full-image of adaqfs and system
    disks, but NOT of any work disk).
    My tar backups were broken into 7 parts because the total bytes
    greatly exceeded 20 GB (max file size of MSS).
    happex3_31oct09_pN.tar where N=1,2.3 ... 7.
    These were put into the MSS.
    In addition, the halog was tar'd and put into the parity MSS area.
    halog_09NN.tar where NN=07,08, etc (month) 
    Months from Feb to Oct were copied to parity MSS.
    (Actually all experiments should have halog*tar in their MSS.)
    Next I executed a script ~apar/diefile.com which
    deleted mostly old and huge files like root files
    and panguin txt files.  For now, I avoided deleting
    anything recent. 
    Please avoid putting huge root output onto adaqfs fileserver.
    Instead, put it on to a work disk like /adaqlN/workM or
    In the future, huge root output on adaqfs has the risk of 
    being deleted by me without notice.