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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 21:47:53 on November 05, 2009

    Entry number 297659

    keyword=Detectors configuration

    Just for the record. The Left Detector Stack is VDC's, S1, Short Gas Cerenkov with the Rutgers extension box added, S2m, Carbon Doors (open), SC3 (non-operational), SC4 (non-operational), Pion Rejector. The Right Detector Stack is VDC's, S1, Long Gas Cerenkov, S2, Pre-Shower, Total Absorber. The aluminum covers have been removed from the VDCs. The exit window covers are removed. The last paddle of the S1's have been rotated into position. The Gas Cerenkovs are centered on their mounting rails. CO2 has been flowing in the Gas Cerenkovs since last Friday.