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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:04:21 on November 6,2009

    Entry number 297823

    keyword=new ADCs in ROC4

    Per our agreement yesterday I've added 3 ADCs to ROC4 in slots 23-25.
    They are programmed for 13-bit mode and have back-plane gate.
    These are actually *NOT* read out by default. Making them read out
    is a matter of switching on a flag in CRL. I've tested this.

    Further notes about this

    1. Event size from ROC4 increases with new ADCs, hence more deadtime.
    size = 1.2 kBytes with 3 new ADCs
    size = 380 bytes without
    This is assuming FADC is turned off (use_sis3320=0) which it is now.
    Of course the FADC will also cause deadtime.

    2. Ped run (T8) #25265 with new ADCs. Pedestals look good, widths
    are 1 to 4 channels. Ped run 25266 for default config (ADCs dropped)

    3. The orange "gate" light on slot 24 isn't working, but the ADC is

    4. Got these from bigbite cabinet. Will return in Jan shutdown.