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    User name R. Subedi

    Log entry time 23:19:39 on November 07, 2009

    Entry number 298194

    keyword=Controlled access work

    One of the outputs of RHRS gas-cerenkov signal from the first quad of the
    veto part of PS755 which went upstairs was not plugged in anywhere; and
    it was causing a reflection to the other signal that was going to the
    fastbus TDC for pvdis setup. I unplugged that unused output, there is no
    reflection now. This also made possible to see the pion veto there. We
    now see both electron and pion vetos in the RHRS. I also removed a 16 ns
    cable from T1 which goes to the second quad of the veto part of PS755 so
    as to make gas-cer input in the first quad there is 10 ns earlier than T1.

    No T1 reflection found anywhere. Verified that the L1A was plugged in
    into the normalization scaler of RHRS in ch12 and moved the strobe from
    ch28 to ch29.

    Verified that RHRS pvdis narrow path was 30 ns wide and wide path was 100
    ns wide (Kai did the same in LHRS).

    I did not see any any double-pulsing in Elecron Narrow signal in group3
    in LHRS.

    Verified that all the offsets in LeCroy 428F were zero in LHRS pvdis
    setup. Except in the 1st (counting from left) module's 4th quad had to be
    decreased by 10 mV and the third module's also 4th quad had to be
    increased by 15 mV.