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    User name johna

    Log entry time 00:02:28 on November 08, 2009

    Entry number 298216

    keyword=DISABLED alarm for HacR_HPE1313A:0_Ch10

    HacR_HPE1313A:0_Ch10 was constantly fluctuating between working and broken, making it necessary to silence the alarm handler. To avoid this, I disabled the alarm on this one signal (via the Action-->force mask menu). So it no longer beeps or shows as red when the value is out of range. We could set it to "noack alarm", so it would turn red but not beep, but I thought that might make people think that the alarm handler wasn't working). An expert may want to change the tolerances on this channel at some point, if disabling isn't the optimal solution.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: gomez@jlab.org