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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:39:43 on November 8,2009

    Entry number 298349

    keyword=re: oversampling tests

    I looked at the oversampling runs from last night (owl shift,
    summarized in halog 298297). So far my impressions are:

    1. Oversampling basically works but there are glitches in the ADC18.

    2. Some glitches are eliminated by "standard" cuts which, I think,
    Panguin does not know about. Hence funny online plots.

    3. There may be new glitches which cause a jump in the signal.
    These are not understood yet, but they may be recognizable by
    legal cuts on the base. Before we declare that Ovs "works"
    we need to prove we can clean up 100% of data.

    Fig 1 illustrates these points for a portion of run 13800 (ovs=8).

    Other notes

    -- Not too important for PVDIS. Mostly care for PREX.
    -- If we ever repeat this we want to run only without Qweak crate,
    or perhaps adjust g0inj.flags to reduce Qweak integration time like
    we do with Greenmonster.

    FIGURE 1