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    User name Alex/Bob

    Log entry time 14:59:28 on November12,2009

    Entry number 299227

    keyword=scint. fingers for Compton

    Two pairs of scintillators normally used for Compton rate
    diagnostics were moved. These are "old" Compton beam diagnostics,
    not the newer fingers (CMU).

    A pair of fingers that are oriented vertically are surrounding
    the electron beamline 2 m upstream of the detector.
    Cables are PMT 29 (Right), and PMT 30 (Left),
    where R/L refer to the directions as viewed along the beam momentum.

    The 2nd pair are oriented horiz. on the photon beam 0.2 m upstream
    of detectors.
    Up is cable 43
    Down is a cable with illegible label.

    Alex will try to find these in the regular DAQ, where they still go.