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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 03:41:50 on November 17, 2009

    Entry number 300492

    keyword=Compton photon asymmetry with new shielding

    I think leakage is decreased with the position of the shielding, so we have less energy tail, asymmetry looks nicer than with previous shielding.

    Anode current is evaluated to about 40 uA at this HV.

    FADC does not work very well at this HV, we see some small fluctuations in power supply current at higher HV at 100uA.
    I hope we might be able to improve the electron tune playing with the optics not sure we can gain much with energy spread ( pathlength were not checked yet )and injector tune. Background is still too high at 2uA, we could try one very low current using bpm cavities and in last resort increase shielding on the electron detector.

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