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    User name Fatiha

    Log entry time 08:02:24 on November17,2009

    Entry number 300541

    keyword=Shift Summary

    Shift crew: F. Benmokhtar, E. Cisbani, F. Itard

    00:00... Started shift with production running@100uA
    00:35... Q1 tripped, we recovered it by hard resets.
    00:45... Q1 recovered
    02:35... Q1 tripped again, we recovered it.
    03:50... Q3 tripped, we are recovering it.
    Decided to reduce the beam current from 100
    to 95uA, see if this reduced the magnet trips.
    05->6:30 Bad beam, MCC took time to investigate what is
    going on. Then beam is back, running at 90uA.
    Around 7am, we cycled Q3.

    Run list:
    5094->5102, during run5098 Q3 right tripped

    25546... Q1 crashed during the last 15 minutes of run
    25549... Q1 crashed, ended the run.

    14005 ->14011