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    User name Kai/Ramesh

    Log entry time 13:42:21 on November19,2009

    Entry number 301036

    keyword=We can see the tagger singal on the E4Wd now.

    Before the access, we could not see any E4 wide signal even with tagger ON. We 
    took access to troubleshoot the problem for the absence of electron wide 
    signal. Fig1 is the snapshot of tagger test in the hall. We see electron wide 
    in group 4. We turned off tagger in the pvdis setup so as to see cosmic only. 
    We also see cosmic (fig2). Though we had to wait more than 10 minutes to see 
    two counts of cosmics, but we waited. Only thing we did was that we unplugged 
    all cables responsible for group 4 wide in ANDing module, and replugged them. 
    Thats it; we decided to exit the hall.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2