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    Log entry time 20:56:36 on November20,2009

    Entry number 301448

    keyword=Compton run plan

    Run plan to diagnose and hopefully fix current Compton problems:

    - Take several runs alternating centered on the collimator and completely behind lead brick/collimator shielding, testing for stability of the low energy background, pedestal, anode current etc. Do this at a few different HVs.

    - Take a short access (sometime Saturday or Sunday). Remove the 8mm of lead shielding. If Diancheng has finished his calculation for the shielding, put in the calculated amount; otherwise, stay with just the 1mm of lead upstream of the collimator.

    - Take several more runs in and out of the beam, again keeping track of background, pedestal, and anode current stability.

    - Unless we decide it is unnecessary, build a lead hut around the detector during the 3 hour access on Monday.

    - When the new collimators are ready (in about a week), change to a smaller collimator.