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    User name Kai/Dianchen

    Log entry time 22:41:51 on November 21, 2009

    Entry number 301660

    keyword=access work to replace the scaler 2d (NIM-ELE3) (late entry)

    We first changed the address of the new scaler to be the same as the previous old one, and then we run the coda and xscaler to check the data. We can read the data from the xscaler as well as the raw data file, but the rate it shows are several 10^8 HZ in all of the channels in that scalerm, and Dianchen mentioned that it might be because the current scaler are working in the different bit reading mode than before. So we compared the three jumpers right below the addressing knob. The previous scaler only has the middle jumper connected with the other two on the side open. We adjusted the new scaler the same way. After that, we are able to read the reasonable data (sync signal)from the xscaler now.

    If my memory is correct, the new scaler we are using now has all three jumpers connected before we change it.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: rom