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    User name Bob / Ramesh

    Log entry time 13:00:25 on November23,2009

    Entry number 302075

    keyword=L-HRS evtype bits are fine

    The L-HRS evtype bits are fine, and have been since the start
    of the experiment. Just they were not decoded correctly.
    Ramesh and I fixed this in THaDecData.C and in db_D.dat.
    The data are in channels 0 - 11 of roc 4 slot 13.
    We also see the unprescaled data in the higher channels
    (I think it's in chan 12-23 but needs to be checked).
    The cut on the TDC data is 200 to 1500 which is pretty
    wide (can cause "background"), and the peak seems to be
    around 1000. This can be adjusted later.

    FIGURE 1