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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 10:06:06 on November30,2009

    Entry number 303679


    keyword=Cryogen flow blip

    The Hall is in controlled access, for Heidi, Todd, and Howard to
    work on recovering the right HRS magnets.

    The target has been happy, however there was a cryogen flow
    fluctuation, presumably related to their work on the magnets.

    The fluctuation is at -19 minutes on this strip chart.

    For the record, the target is loop 1, 20 cm LD2.

    Question - I have not adjusted down the JT valve while the
    beam is off. The HP heater is on, at about 1030 W. Should the protocol
    be to (slowly) close the JT when we know that beam will be off for an
    extended time (i.e. for a long controlled access), in order to reduce
    the cooling demands on ESR

    FIGURE 1