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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:26:41 on April18,2010

    Entry number 318060

    keyword=Qsq measurements, part 1

    R. Michaels, D. McNulty and A. Zafar.

    Using GemLeftPed (GEMS in, and no ped suppression) and
    RightNoGem configs.

    R-HRS run 6707 for Qsq

    L-HRS crashes on ROC6. Alex asks to try again. Reset.

    Recover L-HRS. Run 27414, but only runs at 87 Hz (slow !)

    R-HRS run 6708 is a repeat.

    17:00 .... Oops ! Turn on VDCs. The runs above are junk.

    We need to update the checlist and then use it.

    17:05 ... VDCs up.

    Runs 6709 and 27415.

    17:10 ... L-HRS is pathetically slow. Will go to LeftNoGem config.

    From the data, it's clear that most triggers are junk.
    Probably that background, and we speculate that background
    is due to the detector hut becoming radioactive !

    Now we increase the laser to achieve a higher rate (fig 1).

    Runs 27416 and 6710

    We see no signals in Quartz detectors (as if the HV were off
    or the signals were unplugged) and no elastic peak.

    Moving to super-thin C12 target to investigate more.

    FIGURE 1