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    User name riordan

    Log entry time 10:20:58 on May 04, 2010

    Entry number 320939

    keyword=High Radiation Watch Now Required

    We are now above the 1R/hr limit in the hall again. For a non-escorted controlled access, a trained high radiation watcher must be present when anyone else is in the hall. This watcher must not perform any work and must be the first in and last out during the access (but can be relieved by another qualified watcher).

    To become a watcher you can talk to the Crew Chief over in MCC, get briefed, and sign the appropriate RWP.

    Please contact me (or whoever the present RC is) if you have questions.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: rom, kkumar@physics.umass.edu, paschke@virginia.edu, souder@physics.syr.edu