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    User name Mindy

    Log entry time 07:58:20 on May10,2010

    Entry number 322038

    keyword=0510/10 owl shift summary

    the owl shift starts from the control access due to the current's unusual ramping up in the left-arm dipole. call Howard Smith...
    John J. LeRose turned the septum off before he left...

    00:10 MCC call to make sure of the request for the control access
    01:00 Howard Smith asked how much current for the left-arm diople we want... Seamus answered, "354.08 A"
    01:15 Howard tried to turn the diople on, but the current is just still gining on. So, we cannot fix it until tomorrow.

    // beam recovery procedure (for short-term beam-off) //
    01:19 move the target to the empty
    01:19 call MCC to send 5uA beam back
    01:19 turn the septum on
    01:20 have R-arm (Left-arm dipole died...) spectrometor data for spot++ (to make sure of the raster size)
    01:34 --- trying rebooting the spectrometer crates (ROC1 & 2)
    01:50 Seamus fixed ROC1 crate; Lorenzo takes the right-arm spectrometor data to do spot++ (raster size check)
    02:01 move the target to the lead/diamond(#2) (from the empty)
    02:05 call MCC to send 5uA beam back (check beam position)
    02:11 call MCC to send 50uA beam back
    ++++++++++++++++++++++ happy ending +++++++++++++++++++

    // go to the production run (oh YA) (120Hz)
    02:14 start pr3702 ==> coda crash :(
    02:16 start pr3703 (Lorenzo is checking pairty data quality)
    02:26 dithering/charge feedback on for pr3703 :)
    (see Lorenzo's log entry: 322014)
    03:07 end pr3703 ; total charge = 89'630
    03:08 start pr3704
    03:58 end pr3704; total charge = 80'877
    04:03 start pr3706
    04:53 end pr3706; total charge = 73'255
    04:53 start pr3707; reboot ROC-23
    05:07 start pr3708
    05:55 end pr3708 ; total charge = 86'117
    05:55 start pr3709
    06:46 end pr3709 ; total charge = 58'583
    06:46 start pr3710
    07:37 end pr3710 ; total charge = ??? (promping...)

    ========= productive ===========