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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 00:14:04 on May11,2010

    Entry number 322095

    keyword=vacuum / valves / runplan

    Asked MCC if they could open valves. They could not.
    P=1.1e-4 Torr when they tried. Presume the FSD is not allowing it.

    Here's the plan

    If vacuum gets to 1e-3 or above, call target on-call immediately
    for safe shutdown. (Danger to crash ESR.)

    If vacuum gets below 8e-5, ask MCC to try to open valves again.
    If valves open we'll ask for beam and empty target. Tests
    outlined below. At that point we'll call in a crew for Compton
    and the other tests.

    ------------------- Tests ----------------------------

    1. Compton commissioning

    2. Time-dependent charge asy (Kent's plan)

    3. Oversample-by-2 (Kent's plan).


    Details of 2 and 3 from Kent are here: