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    User name rsholmes

    Log entry time 21:37:56 on May 15, 2010

    Entry number 322773


    keyword=Plan for swing/owl

    We will let the Møller crew do their plan.

    Target operator MUST keep a close watch on target vacuum. If the space heater is keeping the flange warm enough to maintain vacuum, good. If not then the only option we have left is to heat the o-ring by putting beam on target.

    If target pressure rises to 5e-5 and does not show signs of leveling off, Møller MUST abort and back out immediately. Then shift crew should re-establish 50 uA on lead/diamond. Do this as expeditiously as possible consistent with doing it SAFELY, without melting the target or hitting the target ladder. Follow all the steps in the procedure with care.

    In this situation we hope the beam heating will keep the vacuum under control. However if it does not -- or if you are unable to restore beam in time -- and the target chamber pressure passes 8e-5 without leveling off, we're done. Turn off the beam, and just watch the target for the remainder of the night.

    If the target vacuum does go bad, there is nothing anyone can do about it (aside from putting beam on target), so in that case do NOT page techs or Jian-Ping.