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    User name jmammei

    Log entry time 12:51:04 on May 18, 2010

    Entry number 323086

    keyword=beam studies over early?

    So we got a heads-up that the beam studies may be over as early as 2pm. So after talking with Jack I decided that we would just take beam as soon as we got to mitigate the target vacuum issue. Jack says that the work he wanted to do shouldn't take priority over getting beam back (unless the Left Dipole actually has a problem).

    Yan can do the phase tuning with 50uA rastered beam, but Jay cannot do harp scans with the raster. So if the target vacuum is behaving Jay may be able to do his stuff, but if not we may wait to finish that part of Compton tuning until tomorrow (if it is necessary - he thinks that the changes Joe made during the Wien flip may fix the spot size, possibly).

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