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    User name miham

    Log entry time 08:47:11 on May25,2010

    Entry number 323647


    keyword=4 VESDA Alerts are on

    When we came into the counting room, four of six VESDA alerts were
    on. We called MCC to notify them. They told us, that they do not see
    any problems, and that we should contact Dave Kaush on x7674 who is
    responsible for Fire Alarms. He explained to us, that these alarms mean that the smoke level is elevated throughout the whole Hall A. He
    thinks that vacuum pumps contain too much oil and consequently cause
    these problems by evaporation of the oil. Then we called RC and he told us to call Jack Segal and tell him about the Vacuum pumps. We
    called him on his cell phone and he told us that he is not at JLab
    yet and that we should find somebody on site. RC went to the trailers
    to find somebody. After few minutes Ed and Heidi came and went down the hall to check vacuum pumps. They are in the hall now.