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    User name Clive/Takashi/Rich

    Log entry time 21:01:20 on June22,2010

    Entry number 328048

    keyword=Left Arm VDC work

    Finished re-cabling the LH VDC. We needed to remove the ground shields from the four horizontal cards in the front. We needed to add cutouts to two cards to accomodate a ground connection that was interfering with the ground shield.

    We added some red electrical tape under lower V2 (horizontal card) to insulate the card from the circuit board (previously, a small brown paper bag was used for this purpose). The other 3 horizontal cards had kapton insulation.

    One ground wire (V-23) needs to be connected.

    One jumper wire between V-7 and V-8 to be connected.

    We also worked with Bogdan to remove a unistrut support on the LH spectrometer that was running diagonally directly above the VDC.