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    User name Bob / Neil

    Log entry time 10:46:29 on July 1,2010

    Entry number 329264


    keyword=L-HRS gate timing check

    After some adjustments of timing to arrange for coinc, we double
    checked the timing of L-HRS. Here is the VDC T0 for before (fig1)
    and after (fig2). They are different by 10 nsec, with cosmics now
    earlier, but as Neil pointed out this is expected due to the TOF
    for the S2m trigger (roughly expect 2 * 2m / 3e8 m/sec).

    So, the timing of the gates have not changed.

    I would say, however, that we attempted to look at the gas Cerenkov
    gate and it looked like it was 50 nsec or so too early. But if
    it was ok before it should be ok now.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2