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    User name Bob / Neil

    Log entry time 11:58:41 on July 1,2010

    Entry number 329275

    keyword=TDC for trigger signals

    New: trigger flags: the trigger signals plugged into a TDC.

    This will be important for finding coincidences. You'll need to
    look for peaks in this TDC. Note, the start comes from whatever
    made the trigger (there is no "re-timing" in this setup), and this
    means you'll get a delta-function for that trigger.

    ROC3, slot 11, channels 0 - 15 are the first 16 signals of the
    normalization scaler. At the moment there are only 6 triggers,
    see halog 329213 for trigger definitions. We did this by fanning
    out the copy that went to the scalers using an ECL fanout module.


    Trigger Latch TDC to determine the event type (do not use the
    CODA event type; instead, use a bit pattern of these channels).

    The usual trigger latch TDC had been unplugged.
    We put it into ROC3 slot 11 starting at channel 48. The first 12
    are the triggers after prescaling, the next 12 should be just
    the triggers (which makes it identical to the trigger flags
    mentioned above).


    Fig 1 = trigger flags for run 1391
    Fig 2 = trigger latch for run 1394

    In run 1392 ps4 was 1.6M, so tlatch for T4 was empty (as it should
    be, so this was a good check)

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2