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    User name Bob / Kurtis

    Log entry time 17:00:50 on July 1,2010

    Entry number 329311

    keyword=new trigger T6, and timing adjustments

    Working with Bogdan too ...

    The R-HRS Gas Cerenkov was brought to L-HRS and AND'd with
    the T4. Reminder, T4 is the coinc. of S2m-L and S2m-R.

    To check the timing, we made T4 be (temporarily) the "or".
    This signal is 80 nsec wide and we put the gasC-R in the
    middle of it. This is trigger T6.

    Note, T6 will be the "gold plated" trigger with (hopefully)
    little jitter and no need for re-timing, says Bogdan.

    Next, we checked that T6 arrives at the trig. super (TS)
    40 nsec later than T3 (R-HRS S2m trigger). Since had previously
    aligned all triggers T1 - T5, we now need to delay T1 - T5
    by 40 nsec. Kurtis will be left with the task of organizing
    these delay cables.

    Meanwhile, this means reducing the gate delays by 40 nsec.
    This was easy to do with the gate generator that feeds all
    the ADCs except gasC-L and we did it. For gasC-L it will be
    necessary to delay the analog signals by about 40 nsec.

    Before any timing adjustments of T1, Kurtis and I checked once
    again the timing of the gate for gasC-L. The gate is 80 nsec
    wide, and the middle of it occurs 56 nsec before the start of
    the gasC-L analog signal. Bogdan said this should be 60 nsec,
    so I guess it's pretty good, and provides a starting point.