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    User name riordan

    Log entry time 17:04:45 on July 02, 2010

    Entry number 329471

    keyword=Run Plan for Tonight

    The present run plan is as follows:
    Start with MCC beamline commissioning
    Center beam on target following the procedure in the APEX wiki
    Do target temperature tests by slowly ramping up current (procedure from
    Page Alex (584-5064) to start detector commissioning
    At 0.5uA on C12:
    Ensure VDC timing peak stability between trigger types
    Measure pedestals and adjust HV for 
       lead glass
    Look at the coincidence peak between left and right arm:
       Ensure gate width is 30ns
       Ensure peak width ~10ns
    Have Ishay align s2m for both arms and the right Cerenkov timing peaks by
    adding in delay lines to the faster channels
    Page Bogdan (584-7191) and Sergey (584-0006) when the above is completed
    (or as far as you can go) if they are not already on site.
    As always, call the run coordinator at 876-1787 if you have questions.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: riordan, bogdanw, ntoro@stanford.edu, schuster@slac.stanford.edu, camsonne, ipom