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    User name N Toro

    Log entry time 01:33:51 on July 03, 2010

    Entry number 329522

    keyword=ALWAYS coordinate the septum current with MCC! (**ALL SHIFT-TAKERS MUST READ**)

    (See TOSP's for details, and ask spokespeople or RC if you have questions).
    In its present configuration, the PREX septum has a dipole field along
    the beamline, and bends the beam.  Two new compensating magnets were
    added in Hall A to keep the beam directed toward the dump: the "permanent
    magnet" in the sieve box and a "corrector magnet" whose current and field
    are controlled by MCC.  They must tune the corrector magnet current
    depending on the momentum setting of the PREX septum.
    NEVER start beam or change the septum current (or the PREX P0 setting)
    without coordinating with MCC. When in doubt, you probably should not be
    changing the septum momentum -- call the RC to confirm before you do it.
    You can ONLY run the septum at the three set-points established during
    beamline commissioning (friday July 2 swing-shift):
    PREX P0 set   |  Septum current setpoint   |  Corrector current setpoint
    1.131 GeV     |   775.6 A                  |  9 A
    0.9   GeV     |   617.2 A                  |  1 A
    0.7   GeV     |   480.0 A                  | -4 A
    You may also find the setpoints at:
    MCC operators will probably refer to the settings by the septum current.
     Please verbally confirm both the septum current and the corrector
    current setpoint before any switch.