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    User name N Toro

    Log entry time 05:33:47 on July 3,2010

    Entry number 329563

    keyword=beamline commissioning log

    Beamline commissioning log:
    Next step is calibrating ion chambers for carbon hole target:
    04:11 -- MCC sending tune beam into hall (empty target)
    04:21 -- MCC verified beam position on dump viewer. With 10uA on empty target, ion chamber readings 800-900 rads/hour.
    04:42 -- MCC adjusting BPMs to A=(0,0), B=(0,0); ion chambers back near 200 rad/hr as during test earlier tonight. MCC testing up to 30uA.
    04:49 -- moving to carbon hole target. start calibration of ion chambers on this target with 4x4 raster in MCC units.
    5:25 -- moving target back to empty for last step of calibration.

    5:29 -- MCC is done calibrating ion chambers on carbon hole target. Requesting survey for controlled access.

    Commissioning procedure for Pb targets isn't done, status report will follow.