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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:13:02 on July 3,2010

    Entry number 329603

    keyword=coincidence search, but problem

    Here is a search for coincidences for run 1510 with holey C12
    target. None are found. But there was a mistake: the T4 definition
    was left as an "or" of T1, T3 instead of an "and".
    I suppose it had been left in a test configuration for which "or"
    is useful.

    Bogdan fixed this module upon access. We should see coincidences
    in the T1 spectrum for trigger 6, at the approximate location indicated
    in the top left histogram (ct1f6). Now we'll see with the beam.

    BTW, I can explain all the features in these plots, I think.
    e.g. for T1, the peak on the left side (corresponding to later times)
    is a self-timing peak for when T1 slides late and defines the
    trigger time. The T2 and T5 are correlated to T1, so they show
    the same features. The T3 peak is caused by a correlation to
    the R-HRS Gas Cerenkov. Recall, the R-Cer defines the timing of
    T6. Also, T4 is highly correlated with T6.

    So, one should look at the macro "coinc.C" and the T1 histogram.

    FIGURE 1