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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:11:21 on July 3,2010

    Entry number 329640

    keyword=T4 coinc plots

    For run 1533 holey C12 at 0.1 uA the T4 rate was 59 Hz and
    the T6 rate was very low, about 0.05 Hz.

    The emphasis of the run was to look for target alignment, etc.
    Eventually we may want to run with ps6 = 1 and increase the
    beam current. The statistics are too poor to see a coincidence.

    The pictures here (for T4) should eventually look like halog 329461.
    But the pics for T6 should be different, see discussion in
    halog 329603.

    I'm going home now.

    FIGURE 1