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    User name N Toro

    Log entry time 20:16:41 on July 3,2010

    Entry number 329788

    keyword=high-current test of permanent magnet temperature is complete

    We watched temperature rise up to 100 degrees, where it seemed to be near saturation (hard to tell precisely because so many beam trips) then moved target to empty for dump view test.
    MCC operator observed spot on dump, saw no observable motion (I think by this time the temperature had dropped to 90 degrees). Image captures on ELOG #1532384.

    So far so good for PM heating. We must continue to monitor every 3 hours when running at high current, and long runs at or above 25 uA may reach the 120 degree alarm threshold.

    Attached plot also shows falloff when beam off or target empty -- about 1 degree per minute for temperatures ~100 degrees.

    FIGURE 1