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    User name N Toro

    Log entry time 23:54:48 on July 4,2010

    Entry number 330105

    keyword=Shift summary (swing)

    Shift summary, July 4 swing

    Shift team:
    SL: Natalia Toro/Philip Schuster (trading off)
    TO: David Anez
    3rd: Jason Bono

    Beam up at about 20:30

    Scanned BPM x and y positions between +/- 6 with 5uA pulse beam on BeO, monitoring scaler rates. Rates rise from few kHz on target to about 20 kHz on frame.

    Our previous runs at A=(0,0) and B=(0,0) seem to have been well-centered

    Runs 1695, 1696: looking at scaler rates at 1uA, with 10x5 MCC raster, T1 and T5 seem consistent with rates in run 1347

    Increased raster to 12x8 MCC

    Run 1698: coincidence data at about 1 uA.
    Run 1701: coincidence data at about 2 uA.

    22:10 request escorted access

    22:39 requested beam permit

    Bogdan has added a 100 ns delay to the T1 signal -- should remove coincidence peak.

    Started run 1702 with 1uA beam, to verify absence of coincidence peaks
    (500K events, T6 plus prescaled T1,3,4)

    Run 1703. 1704: same, but at 3uA (500K evts)

    13:02 HV on HRS-R have been changed

    Run 1705: 0.5 uA checkout run for HRS-R, T3 only, 500K
    1706, 1707, 1708, 1709: 100K evts each with slightly different HRS-R high voltages

    approx. 23:40 -- controlled access (reset Q1, Bogdan is removing delay from coincidence trigger)
    23:50 Q1 back up