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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 15:16:23 on July 05, 2010

    Entry number 330232

    keyword=Low VDC hit efficiency run 1735

    I looked more closely at the VDC data from run 1735 (R-arm). The basic spectra look all fine, but the hit efficiency in all planes seems to be very low. Only a fraction of 2-5% of triggers appear to have any hits in any of the VDC planes. This explains the very low track yield for this run.

    There could be a real VDC efficiency problem (check HV, discriminator thresholds), or the trigger is malformed (triggers on non-tracks, or maybe triggers badly out of time).

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: schuster@slac.stanford.edu, riordan, bogdanw