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    User name N Toro

    Log entry time 00:01:07 on July 6,2010

    Entry number 330355

    keyword=July 5 Swing shift summary

    Swing shift summary:
    Shift Leader: Natalia Toro
    TO/Replay: Ahmed Zafar

    Run 1750: 1M events 0.5uA production on Pb #1
    Accepting all T6, some T1,T3,T4 since T6 rate is much smaller than bandwidth
    1751: same (700K events)

    17:36 Moving target to optics

    1752: spot++ run on optics BPMs at (0,0)
    At this position, we seem to graze optics frame.
    1754,1755: tune beam, BPMs at (0,-2)
    1756: tune beam, BPMs at (0,-3)
    Above 4 runs have 12x8 MCC raster

    1758: lowered raster to 0.8x8 in MCC at (0,-3) BPMs, tune beam.

    Lowering raster to 0.8x4 MCC.
    1760: bpm a,b=(0,-3)
    1762: bpm A, B=(0,-5)

    1764: bpm A, B=(0,-4) with RASTER OFF

    1767: coincidence data on thick carbon (5uA CW): T6 rate=33 Hz.

    20:14 -- taking escorted access to modify T6 as right-arm positron singles trigger, and insert sieve for optics runs.

    Moved to Ta target.

    run 1769: Optics data with sieve in, raster off and 5uA on single-arm modified T6.

    22:03 resuming beam; recalibrating ion chambers on Ta up to 60uA.

    Raster is 2x2 mcc units.

    Raising raster to 12x8
    Production run: 1778 at 60 uA

    1779: test run for spot++ at 1uA with 6x6 MCC raster

    1780: production run at 6x6 MCC raster, 60 uA, having trouble analyzing events.
    1781: coda not functioning

    1783: production at 6x6 MCC, 60uA.
    Spot++ confirms we are no longer hitting any frame. The coincidence rate is low (18 Hz) but it is almost all true coincidences.

    23:55 Q1 down; we are requesting controlled access. Pete is going into the hall to clear the fault.