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    User name Kalyan

    Log entry time 23:14:02 on July 06, 2010

    Entry number 330540

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    07.30: Beam is ready to be delivered. 
    08.00: Beam on Ta target looks really off(visually on camera screen) in
    both X and Y positions. Alex and Seamus tried to move the beam position
    around to make it look centered on Ta target(on camera screen).
    9.00 : Target to carbon hole.
    9.30 : Optimal BPM settings: BPMA and BPMB x=-6.5 and y=+2.5. Carbon hole
    is centered with this settings.
    9.55: Optics runs with no raster (left arm=1806, right arm=1807)
    10.20 : Target to Ta. 60uA production check.
    10.44: controlled access to insert the sieve.
    11.10 : Beam permit.