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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 01:00:14 on July 8,2010

    Entry number 330737

    keyword=epicsRunStart was slow, now faster

    I investigated the problem of epicsRunStart taking a long time --
    hence very slow halog enties for start-run. Several lines like
    this (for HV) are timing out, taking 15 seconds each

    caget MF7b1461_0ch0property.F

    I turned off some "TURNON*" flags pertaining to HV.
    Someone had turned these on around June 26.
    Naturally, it's good to know what the HV is doing, but one
    will need to find a better way. Either the EPICs variable
    was renamed/removed or the server is failing or renamed.
    Unfortunately this is pretty common with EPICs, so it's
    always necessary to test the script and do some legwork.

    I've been running epicsRunStart interactively for tests.
    Hence multiple entries in halog.

    See many entries like below in run-start entries.
    They cost 15 seconds each.

    S2 Slot0 ch0 Left : MF7b1461_0ch0property.F --- Invalid channel name
    S2 Slot0 ch1 Left : MF7b1461_0ch1property.F --- Invalid channel name

    (etc ...)