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    User name N Toro

    Log entry time 22:58:14 on July 08, 2010

    Entry number 330914

    keyword=Moving the central position for optics and reducing raster on optics foil target (BPM (3,-1))

    We are adjusting the position to avoid hitting what we think is part of the melted 4th foil.

    BPMs at (3,-1) and 4x4 raster in MCC units gives uniform distributions on optics target.

    It is equally clean on Tantalum so we will use this as default position (and raster size, when raster is on) for optics data.

    run 1885 BPM (4,2), 7x8 MCC raster, Optics target


    run 1886 BPM (4,1), 4x4 MCC raster, Optics target


    run 1887 BPM (3,0), 4x4 MCC raster, Optics target


    run 1889 BPM (3,-1), 4x4 MCC raster, Optics target


    Run 1895 BPM (3,-1), 4x4 MCC raster, Tantalum target