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    User name adaq

    Log entry time 09:40:42 on July 9,2010

    Entry number 331049

    keyword=partial shift summary (July 8 swing)

    partial shift summary (Thu July 8 swing)

    Shift Crew
    Nilanga Liyanage (SL)
    James Beacham (TO)

    MCC has established one-pass beam and directed it into the dump with the two-permanent-magnet setup.

    20:01 moved to carbon hole target, taking tune beam at 5uA and trying to center hole. Hole is centered for BPMs=(4.0 , 2.0) -- see run 1878.

    20:20 Asking for ion chamber calibration for Ta at 3 uA

    20:35 Starting optics test runs on Ta using 0.5 uA with raster off.

    Further optics runs will be detailed in an overall summary by Rouven.