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    User name ejensen

    Log entry time 11:58:09 on July 09, 2010

    Entry number 331095


    keyword=Event type cuts

    Here is my novice interpretation of Bob's earlier log entry (330820).
    When the trigger supervisor receives an event of specific trigger type
    the event gets recorded as that event type. If the trigger supervisor
    receives an additional event of a different trigger type within 10 ns of
    the first event, the event automatically gets recorded as T5. So when
    using an fEvtHdr.fEvtType==5 cut you will see not only T5 events, but
    also events that had multiple trigger types at the same time. Therefore
    when making an event type cut, do not use fEvtHdr.fEvtType! Use
    D.evtypebits! Here are examples of how to define each event type:
    T1    D.evtypebits==0x2
    T2                  0x4
    T3                  0x8
    T4                  0x10
    T5                  0x20
    T6                  0x40
    I also found you get identical results by using:
    T1    D.evtypebits==2
    T2                  4
    T3                  8
    T4                  16
    T5                  32
    T6                  64
    Is there an advantage to using either convention? Do I need to take
    caution in using the 2nd convention? Also, PLEASE correct me if anything
    I said is wrong.