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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 22:33:19 on July 9,2010

    Entry number 331185

    keyword=Carbon bullseye checks

    We found the carbon bullseye, but it wasn't completely centered. We determined that the beam position should be (-7.0,2.5) at both BPMs, but with that setting, we start seeing a strong edge at the right of the raster pattern (see separate logs). Since we don't need a large raster for Ta, we reduce the raster size to 4x6mm MCC units (1/2 the x-size as before). Even with the reduced raster, there is evidence of some scraping at the right edge. We decide to go back to (-6.5,2.5) and run with a raster size of 4x6 (MCC) = 2x1.5mm (spot++) (see run 1988). For some reason, even with the exact same BPM positions, the beam is now 0.5mm further to the left than previously.