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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 02:59:18 on July 10, 2010

    Entry number 331225

    keyword=Swing shift summary (late entry)

    Shift workers


    After R-HRS polarity change during the day, spent the shift waiting for beam to be restored and performing initial beam setup (spot checks, bullseye centering) in preparation for production running. Could not perfectly center the beam on the target without scraping, decided to run with +0.5mm offset. Recovery was slowed by repeated R-HRS Q1 trips, which required access each time.


    Run Summary

    Spot++ runs

    Run # Target Raster BPM(MCC) (mm) BPMA/B x/y (mm) Comment
    1980 Empty 4x1.75(8x6) -6.5/2.5
    1981 Carbon w/hole 4x1.75(8x6) -6.5/2.5 Beam tripped
    1982 Carbon w/hole 4x1.75(8x6) -6.5/2.5
    1983 Carbon w/hole 4x1.75(8x6) -6.0/2.5
    1984 Carbon w/hole 4x1.75(8x6) -7.0/2.5 Seeing weird edge. Scraping?
    1985 Carbon w/hole 4x1.75(8x6) -7.0/2.5 Repeated to confirm edge
    1986 Carbon w/hole 2x1.75(4x6) -7.0/2.5 Test smaller raster
    1987 Carbon w/hole 2x1.75(4x6) -7.0/2.5
    1988 Carbon w/hole 2x1.75(4x6) -6.5/2.5 Probably best compromise
    1989 Carbon w/hole 4x1.75(8x6) -6.5/2.5 Raster larger to see hole better