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    User name Jack (Techs)

    Log entry time 12:32:31 on July 10, 2010

    Entry number 331290


    keyword=Right Q1 control board replaced

    The RQ1 had a phase imbalance fault displayed on the GUI. There was the LED lit on the control board for the fault. The phase imbalance relay did not show a fault. The fault is latched on the control board, so that is not necessarily significant. I could not get the fault to clear from the GUI. The "Safety Reset" is an old dinosaur, it is no longer functional. It used to reset the safety systems in the Saclay rack. Those have been removed. The "Power Off/Reset" will clear the interlocks for the power supply. While fooling around I moved the control board back inside the power supply, to the original mounting. The control board that was in the RQ1 did not show a fault on the GUI when we generated a leadflow fault. But, it did turn the supply OFF. Heidi and I swapped out the control board for the spare which was already configured, this was removed from one of the Q1 supplies a while ago during some other troubleshooting. However, it seems to handle the interlocks OK. There is a 10A offset between the set and readback current. That should not be a problem as the software regulator uses the hall probe to set the current of the power supply, it will take the offset into account (or ignore it, depending on your point of view).