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    User name J. Zhang

    Log entry time 13:12:06 on July10,2010

    Entry number 331297


    keyword=Scripts to track T6 counts

    There are 2 scripts to calculate the T6 counts using the output root files of the replay. They are located in /adaqfs/home/adaq/apex/onlana.

    Here is the usage:
    1) getT6count.csh run
    This script will calculate the T6 counts for the given run number
    2)getT6count_A2B.csh run1 run2
    This scipt will calculate the T6 counts for runs between run1 and run2, at the end it will show the acccumulted counts for these runs.

    Both scripts will write entries into a temperate log file named log_T6count.txt. If there is any error pop up, just remove this file and try again.

    Should there be any bugs just email jixie@jlab.org or feel free to update it if you want.